7 tips to get a credit by MilPrestamos.com

“MilPrestamos.com already has more than 80 financial products included in its tool and with the intention of progressively increasing its catalog in order to cover all the market offers and offer each user a complete service. 3,182,300 euros obtained during the last period through the platform for its effectiveness and the opinions expressed by the rest of the users about their experience thanks to a section on valuations.

Due to the circumstances and their versatility, fast loans are the most demanded, however, there are also other financial products such as personal loans, mortgage loans, fast loans with ASNEF, credit cards or bank accounts with which uou can suppress the visit to dozens of financial institutions to know the conditions and see it through the web in a few minutes- helpful site www.open-mind.org/de/ Open Mind.

This shortens the long bureaucratic processes, obtaining the updated information instantly and being able to compare and make an appropriate choice. And it is that every day is greater the demand of users who want to know for example which is the financial institution what better gifts they offer to him by domiciling the payroll, the conditions of opening of a bank account or possible discounts in the receipts, monthly expenses of the credit card, fees, requirements for issuance, TAE, from which ATMs you can withdraw money without commissions and thus be able to always get the best financial products.

What recommendations should be followed to get the best loan fast?

Adjust the amount to be requested as much as possible since only the money strictly necessary must be requested. A very frequent mistake is to take advantage of this kind of occasions to request some extra money.

The money must be used for an unforeseen payment, so it is important to keep in mind the invoice or the budget for which we need the quick credit.

You must choose the return period that best suits our needs without having to resort to requesting another loan to pay the previous one.

The most appropriate time for your request is about 3 days before having to face the payment to have the money just in time and that your refund begins to count as late as possible.

It is not advisable to choose the first option but to compare your conditions with at least 5 fast credits.

Neither should you send credit requests without previously reading the conditions, it should only be sent in the one in which you have real possibilities for granted.

Finally, choose Thousand Loans as for the best tool to compare all possible options.

“Choosing a financial product should not be a decision taken lightly, but should be the result of a process of maturation and comparison in order to pay the lowest percentage of commissions or interest rate but at the same time satisfy the economic needs and thus avoid problems of defaults and solvency in the long term “.

Therefore, for your request: you only need to register on the website of the chosen company to grant loans online, fill out a simple form with very basic contact details and bank details, the amount you want to request and the most convenient return period (It usually ranges from 30 days since the money requested does not usually exceed 800 euros).

In the event that the answer is affirmative, the requested amount will be paid through a bank account in a maximum time that does not exceed 48 hours and without having gone through long bureaucratic processes in which guarantees, payrolls and all kinds of solicited documentation are required. by traditional banking entities. In this way and with the economic situation so delicate in recent years, fast loans have undergone great growth and the perspective according to the financial experts is that they continue to increase exponentially and reactivate, in large part, the economy thanks to being the most accessible way of financing in recent years.

And the results have only been made possible thanks to having one of the most crowded social networking communities with more than 4,000 followers and thousands of grateful customers who can choose their financial products safely since one of the characteristics of Mil Loans is that it establishes the conditions of a clear and concise form in each product without needing to fear the so-called “small print” and take unpleasant surprises later.

Each week a recommendation is also offered on which is the best company with which to contract a credit card, request a quick credit or a personal loan because this sector is so changing that Mil Loans is updated with all the new offers.

In this sense and with the aim of further facilitating the procedure, MilPréstamos.com already has its own mobile application for Android and iOS with which you can access at any time and from anywhere to the search engine and comparator to request money immediately. urgent or consult the current offers of each company.

“A thousand loans are consolidated as well as a company specializing in financial aid offering users speed, comfort, and simplicity throughout the search and comparison process to be able to solve certain financial situations.”

In addition, they also have the advice of a team of experts in finance available to help all those users with doubts and thanks to which they already have more than 30,000 satisfied customers. In this sense, there is also a specialized financial forum in which all kinds of questions and doubts resolved by the experts are exposed immediately and a blog where the most relevant news of the sector is published on a weekly basis as well as financial advice, in the that more than 200 articles are already exceeded.